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sustained winds in the 30s and gusts over 50. that covers southern maryland, up 95 through town, up 270 to frederick and out 66 west to manassas and all the way to the bay. this is a very potent system. we'll track this all night and again a wind advisory in effect and a flash flood watch effect and the highest winds and heaviest rains will be between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. senators baing assault weapons and high clip magazines in their first meeting. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords kicked off the discussion with an emotional plea while the nra pushed back against any new gun laws. danielle nottingham reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: former congresswoman gabrielle giffords had some difficulty getting the words out, but her message to lawmakers was clear. >> the time is now.
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you must act. >> reporter: giffords came to happy hill with her husband -- capitol hill with her husband, retired astronaut mark kelly. a ban on large capacity magazines he said may have injured the gunman from taking his wife's life when he took six drives. >> when he tried to reload, he dropped the magazine and a woman grabbed it and it gave bystanders a time to tackle him. >> reporter: republican lindsay lindsey graham offered a counter example of a woman running out of bullets defending herself. some democratic senators have introduced legislation to ban high capacity magazines and assault style weapons, expanding background checks also up for debate. >> my problem with background checks is you're never going to get criminals to go through universal back ground checks. >> reporter: wayne lapierre pressed the nra's position.
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>> the criminals won't go to purchase the guns because there will be a background check. we'll stop them from the original purchase. you miss that point completely and i think it's basic. >> senator, i think you missed it. >> let there be order. >> reporter: getting any new legislation passed is expected to be difficult. there are gun rights supporters on both sides of the aisle. danielle nottingham, cbs news capitol hill. >>ight after their testimony gabrielle giffords and mark kelly went to the white house and met with president obama. just hours after that rivetting giffords testimony somebody brought a gun into a workplace and opened fire back in her homestate of arizona. that gunman let loose inside an office building in phoenix. three people were wounded, one critically. now police believe there's just one lone gunman and that this was not random. right now they're still looking for the guy. in alabama a 6-year-old boy is still being held hostage tonight a day after he was snatched off a school bus. the boy's captors accused of intercepting the bus, killing the bus driver and then taking
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that boy hostage. a state lawmaker says the boy has been reportedly able to receive medicine and watch television, batiks held in an underground bunker -- but he's being held in an underground bunker on the property and police are communicating with the suspect through a pvc pipe. an incredible crash involving a fire truck is still affecting traffic on the beltway. this wreck happened on 495 south of route 50 just before 3 a.m. this morning and there is still debris on the road. police say a driver of a tractor trailer hit a fire truck from behind sending four volunteer firefighters and three others to the hospital. surae chinn is live where all thoughts are with this firefighter who nearly lost his arm? >> reporter: he did lose his average but it was reattached to -- his arm, but it was reattached to the thanks of doctors and surgeons, but prince george's county police just held a press conference saying the tractor trailer driver may have had the right-
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of-way. they're still investigating, but no matter who is at fault the mood here at west landham hills fire department is somber. 29-year-old ryan emmons responding to an accident when he nearly lost his life. >> he's conscious at this time with a partially amputated arm. >> it's a horrific injury. >> reporter: lieutenant ryan evans, an eight year veteran of the west landham hills fire department nearly lost his arm. he was responding to an accident when a tractor trailer hit the fire truck from behind carrying evans and three other volunteer firefighters. it sent engine 281 sliding down the concrete barrier. the tractor trailer landed on the outer loop of 495. >> it flips over the injuries i wall and then the tractor trailer -- jersey wall and then the tractor trailer went over the jersey wall. >> reporter: wreckage and
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concrete debris went onto the beltway. a driver got caught in the mess and crashed through. >> we believe they were trying to make a u-turn as an emergency vehicle turnaround. the preliminary information suggests as the fire engine was attempting to make the u-turn the driverof the tractor trailer was the favored driver. >> reporter: meaning the tractor trailer driver may have had the right-of-way. prince george's county lieutenant alexander says they're still investigating which lane the vehicles were in. seven people were taken to the hospital, but the most severe is emmons' injuries. >> it's never good when you're getting that call and i don't see a fire call on that pager. he loves being here and he's just an outgoing guy. you couldn't ask for a more stand-up guy to help us day in, day out. >> reporter: the fire chief at firehouse 28 says it was a complete amputation, but again it was reattached. get this. he says the same team of skilled doctors were able to reattach his arm. they're the same team who did
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that amazing surgery of that double amputee war veteran just a couple days ago and they were able to work on ryan emmons' arm as well. they are the skilled doctors at union memorial hospital in baltimore. in landham, maryland, surae chinn, wusa9. >> that's a little miracle amidst the mess. a little rain this morning couldn't dampen the blitz and glitz of super bowl week in new orleans today and the fbi has said there are no reports of credible terrorist threats leading up to sunday's game. the super bowl poses an extra challenge for new orleans police because it also coincides with the buildup to mardi gras. so extra security will be in place the day of super bowl including air traffic restrictions around the superdome and patdowns of all the fans entering the stadium. over the next hour and a half we have live super bowl coverage from our blitz and glitz team in new orleans. we'll hear from the elder harbaughs who held a news conference today to talk about their sons squaring off in the
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big game. andrea roane takes us inside a historic new orleans jeweler and our own jc hayward goes one- on-five with the women of the talk. but first we go to kristen berset who is live from the superdome with the latest on reports linking retiring baltimore raven ray lewis to performance enhancing drugs. everybody wants to know about this. >> reporter: yeah, derek. it's been the big story all day. the report you're referring to that was published in claims that ravens linebacker ray lewis used a banned substance when he returned from that torn tricep hoping to return quicker to the game. officials sat with ray lewis last night and urged him to talk about that this morning, so that was the first thing in his press conference and here's what he had to say. >> i think it's probably one of the most embarrassing things that we can do on this type of stage. >> reporter: in his morning press conference ravens linebacker ray lewis vehemently denied using deer antler
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extract to heal from a torn tricep. it contains a banned substance called ibf1. lewis also insists he never met mitch ross, co-owner of sports alternatives to steroids. ross claims he told lewis to use the product. >> i never, ever took what he says or whatever i was supposed to do. guy the has no credibility. he's been -- the guy has no credibility. he's been sued four or five times over the same bs. >> reporter: loses he's not angry, just frustrated that someone is trying to damper the spirit that is super bowl week. >> i don't care what nobody says about us or what they want to report. i've been in this game 17 years, 17 plus good years, and i've had a heck of a relationship and too much respect for the business and my body to ever violate like that. so to entertain foolishness like that from cowards that come from the outside and try to destroy what we've built,
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it's sad. >> reporter: now according to nfl pr the ibf1 can only really be tested by blood sample. in his 17 seasons in the nfl ray lewis has never failed a drug test. we'll have much more on this coming up, reaction from ray lewis' teammates. for now live in new orleans outside the superdome, kristen berset, wusa9. >> that was the blitz. so let's get to the glitz. andrea roane joins us live from the snug harbor jazz bistro just outside of new orleans french quarter. hi. >> reporter: hi there. i'm on stage, but don't have to worry. i'm not going to sing. you wouldn't like it. we are here in snug harbor. it's not only a jazz place, it's a restaurant that's served great food for great prices and later we'll hear from one of the best jazz members of one of the best jazz families in town. yes, i did go in search of a
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little glitz to go along with our blitz package and i found it on magazine street at the design galleries. >> this big wide cuff is the first bracelet that i ever designed. >> reporter: jewelry designer minion fagee tells you what has happened, what is happening and what will happen through her iconic pieceses. her tribute to the super bowl is a line she calls the superdome, elegant but not too souveniry looking. >> and it shows the superdome with the roman numerals under it. i picked these pearls to make a necklace because they were kind of football shape but innocent your face football. >> reporter: a -- but not in your face. >> >> reporter: a fifth generation new orleansian,
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she's inspired by the place of her birth. >> i did a necklace called gumbo and it had little pearls that are referred to as rice pearls and i put shrimp, crabs and okra. >> reporter: this is where the magic happens. minion reclaimed an old bank building on magazine street that now houses her production studio. workers are crafting beautiful designs like this sterling silver cuff. the hammering, polishing, beating all takes place here. >> i'm there to supervise it and it doesn't go out if it's not right. >> reporter: not outsourcing that part of the business was very important to minion and the future of her city. >> enjoy being a part of the community and keeping it strong. >> reporter: like i said, i have some of her pieces i've had for years and they stand the test of time. some new earrings just to go along with the blitz and glitz
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team, but while we were shooting that piece we were dodging raindrops all morning long and the cold front that came through took with it the 70-degree temperatures we had been enjoying, but we're not complaining too much because in 2014 we could be dodging snow. erica grow is here to tell us about that. >> reporter: you're right. i hope you're having a great time in new orleans, but as you may know, next year's super bowl will take place at the brand-new meadowlands stadium called metlife stadium in newark, new jersey. let's look at what you can normally expect. it's on february 12th, 2014, average high 39, record high 62 degrees. the average low for february 2nd at the meadowlands is 25 degrees. so it does get cold overnight and since the game starts after sunset, sunset at 5:15, those temperatures will fall quickly when we get to that game time. of course, it's a year away, so
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looking at snowfall stats, the snowiest february 2nd on record at newark is 3.4 inches, not a lot of snow, but the most snow they've ever had in february up there in new jersey, 36.9 inches. that was just a couple years ago, 2010. the biggest snowstorm ever in new york is he, 26.9 inches and that was also -- city, 26.9 inches and that was also in a february snowstorm in 2006, february 12th. it looks like we could have the potential for snow but probably not because lately those temperatures have been a little milder. since the super bowl began in 1967 nine of the top 10 warmest februaries have occurred. back to you guys. still ahead tonight killer cats, a new report finds outdoor cats are responsible for the deaths of billions of animals every year. >> also ahead blackberry finally unveils their new smartphones, but will they be enough to save the company?
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>> also up next a very unusual situation
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possible jury misconduct in the trial of a former culpeper police officer could lead to a mistrial. daniel harmon-wright was found guilty of manslaughter yesterday and the jury was supposed to recommend a sentence today. >> but the juror's alleged misconduct involves of all things the use of a dick armey peggy fox with more from casement -- dictionary. peggy fox with more from culpeper. >> reporter: the jury was told only to rely on the information provided, so when two dictionaries and a thesaurus were found last night in the jury room each juror was brought in for questioning. the judge and attorneys wanted to know if the jibs' helped
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them decide if the -- dictionary helped them decide if daniel harmon-wright was found guilty for manslaughter in the shooting death of patricia cook. last friday the jurors toured the scene. six jurors admitted to looking up the word malice or malicious. at least one said she didn't know what the word meant and needed help to make her decision about harmon-wright. the jury decided that he did not act with malice. so instead of murder, they found him guilty of manslaughter. >> at this point it would be inappropriate for me to comment. >> reporter: neither attorney would talk to reporters, but special prosecutor jim fisher said in court that the verdict should stand because all the jurors who had doubt and were helped by the dictionary made their decision in favor of the defendant. >> i don't think i can say anything just yet. however, we're supposed to write the memorandum and get it to the judge by tomorrow. >> reporter: but defense attorney dan hawes is calling for a mistrial telling the
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judge that there is no doubt his client has not received a fair trial. harmon-wright was escorted back to jail. the jury foreman admitted to bringing in the dictionaries and thesaurus. she asked the bailiff if it was okay and he said yes. the mistrial motion will be taken up friday. >> culpeper sheriff scott jenkins said there was no mistake on the part of his bailiff, only a misunderstanding on the part of the juror who brought in the diction part. they are allowed to bring in books to help pass the time but nothing allowed to help reach a verdict except what the court gives them. a 15-year-old honor student who performed during president obama's inauguration is being mourned tonight. adia pendleton was gunned down in a park blocks from her chicago school. the teen was part of the chicago drill team that marched in inaugural parade and her godfather said she had dreams
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of becoming a doctor or lawyer. police say there is no indication that she was the intended target of the shooting. a water main break causing big headaches for drivers along georgia avenue today. the pipe burst early this morning between aspen hill road and hewlett avenue in silver spring. a portion of that road was shut down. crews spent hours fixing it. i guess it's probably done by now, but i'm not sure. topper, it's that time of year, right? >> it is for water breaks, but looking at the maps and advisories, i feel like i'm in a time warp in april. let me take you to nashville. we showed you the tornado in northwest georgia earlier. when the front goes through nashville, watch the lifts the city. it's going to go -- lights of the city. it's going to go dark. pretty strong winds there and tennessee had winds over 50 miles per hour and i think we'll see that, too here, not
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good, more like april than january, although we'll be reminded we're in january tomorrow. live look outside, capitol, michael and son weather cam, temperatures still warm in the immediate metro area, the beginning of fall out want to west, still 65 -- out to the west, still 65 downtown. notice a little dip in the temps now, 58 bethesda and rockville, but 67 fairfax and still in springfield, 70 in old town and andrews, but some cooler air is going to move in here the next couple hours. colder air will move in late, late tonight. wind gusts 29 gaithersburg, 20 manassas, 25 at national and 32 mile-per-hour wind gust at andrews and the winds will get stronger. in fact, here's some stuff you can do. you can bring in the small chairs. turn the small tables upside down, stay away from the windows, highest winds between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m., gusts over 50 miles
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per hour. radar, one band of showers and storms entering loudoun county. see the yellows and oranges? that's pretty heavy rain, about 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch to an hour. the rest of us just have to contend with moderate rain. we've had problems going up 270 and around the beltway already. up 15 from leesburg we're looking at pretty heavy rain, nothing severe. it will slow you down. here's the latest image now, heavy rain between baltimore and also frederick on i-70. around the immediate metro area the beltway okay for now, but that will change. rain and showers will roll in here. so flash flood tonight. winds will gust over 50 miles per hour. i've kind of always been more concerned about the winds than floods. the criminal cal times? 9 p.m. to -- critical times? 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. and it will get cold again thursday. here's a look at futurecast. by tomorrow night clearing skies, good news, mountain snow showers continuing much of the
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day. the next three days for now our 9 weather alerts are green, a flurry tomorrow, cold and windy, morning light snow on friction not a big storm but horrible timing -- friday, not a big storm but horrible timing, maybe a snow shower late saturday. next seven days sunday we're in pretty food shape with temperatures -- good shape with temperatures back up around 40, cold monday in the mid-30s and temps go back up. by tuesday we're in the mid-40s which is average and by next wednesday we are around 50. so we'll monitor this swaim right now we're concerned about winds -- situation. right now we're concerned about winds and flash flooding. coming up for the first time we're hearing from the man behind the voice who was pretending to be notre dame football player manti te'o's girl friend. >> but up next details on your chance to get up close and personal with that little guy,
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oscar is hitting the road, the academy of motion picture arts and sciences sending one of its golden statuettes on a 10-city cross-country trip.
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it will be here in washington february 7th and in baltimore february 8th. that trip will end in hollywood just in time for the academy awards february 24th. the smithsonian's national museum of african american history is offering up a piece of olympic history. gold medalist gabby douglas donated the leotards she wore during her first competitive season in 2003. the virginia beach teen also donated the wrist tape and uneven bar grip she used in last year's olympics as well as her mom's tickets to the game. the item goes to display friday. the imagine it i te'o girl friend hoax -- the manti te'o girl friend hoax story has been in and out of the headlines and we heard from manti te'o and tomorrow the alleged mastermind behind the whole thing will speak out for the first time. >> i wanted to end it because after everything i had gone through i finally realized i had to move on with my life and
5:27 pm
had to get me, ronaiah, i had to start just living and let this go. >> during the broadcast we'll learn a lot more about this fellow and find out how he explains the accusations that he deceived te'o into the fake relationship. you can watch part one of the interview on dr. phil tomorrow, 4:00 here on wusa9. could this be blackberry's last stand? you'll see the phonemaker's response to iphones and androids coming up. >> also ahead better late than never, denver's mayor pays up his bet with his baltimore counterpart over the ravens/broncos game. >> reporter: all those kit kat videos on the internet ignore a deadly truth. a new study says america's cats are killing 15 billion small animals a year. i'm bruce leshan, what you can
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sorry to tell you this, but fluffy is a killer on scale that's hard to imagine. many of us have mixed feels when the family -- feelings when the family cat gives us the dead bird or mammal on our doorstep. >> there's a new report out from the smithsonian and fish and wildlife service and it says outdoor cats are killing billions of animals every year. >> reporter: who doesn't love a youtube cat video? but the internet antics ignore a cruel fact. the study just published in the journal nature communications
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says cats kill more wildlife than cars, pesticides, windows or windmills, more than any other human-related cause. >> it's really stunning because it shows that at least twice as many birds are being killed each year by cats as we thought before. >> reporter: the numbers are simply staggering. every year the study estimates america's cats are killing about 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion small mammals and these are not rats. these are things like slews, chipmunks and bunnies. cats released into the wild count for most of the bloodshed, but some of it is also from cats allowed by their owners to roam outside. >> it's old science. it's junk science. >> reporter: the study was peer reviewed and looked at 90 earlier surveys including some involving small cameras attached to cats on the prowl, but bethesda advocacy group
5:32 pm
alley cat allies says euthanizing wildcats is not a solution. >> the real cause of animal decline is humans. it's habitat destruction, pollution, all those things. >> reporter: the american bird conservancy estimates there are 300 colonies of feral cats in d.c. alone and warns cats could leave us with a silent spring without the beautiful song of migrating songbirds. in d.c., bruce leshan, wusa9. >> the study also points out that unowned cats account for almost 90% of these wildlife kills, but the washington humane society and a lot of other groups say it's better for your cat and for the wildlife to keep tin doors. >> reporter: ground was broken on the side -- it indoors. ground was broken on the site of a new wal-mart in ft. totten square near the metro on
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riggs road. the development includes 345 apartments and 135,000 feet of shopping and restaurant space to be anchored by an urban format wal-mart. the project is expected to be finished by late 2014. in tonight's consumer alert toyota is recalling about 750,000 corolla and corolla matrix small crossovers. the air bags in the 2003 and 2004 models can unexpectedly deploy and then there's a windshield wiper defect which impacts about 270,000 lexus is sedans from 2006 to 2012. toyota says 1 million vehicles are included in the recall. research in motion has made a pretty big change to go along with a pretty big launch. they kicked off events around the world to show off its new blackberry 10 operating system, two new smartphones and to simply rebrand itself as blackberry. now the company hopes its new devices will help return it to its former glory days. it's a new day for blackberry.
5:34 pm
the ceo unveiled two new devices, a new celebrity partnership with pop singer alicia keys and a new name, research in motion, blackberry's maker now known as blackberry. >> a brand that is recognized around the world. >> reporter: blackberry q10 has a traditional keyboard and a z10 with a touch screen. the new operating system makes it easier moving between applications the company says. >> previously you'd spend a lot of time going from one app to another. we've broken down those walls with the hub. >> reporter: the intuitive keyboard needs little typing. just a few years ago blackberries were widely popular even earning the nickname crack berry but that changed with the growing popularity of iphone and android devices. the company had a 46% market snare 2008 and that dropped to 2% -- share in 2008 and that dropped to 2% last year and
5:35 pm
many analysts believe these new devices could make or break the company. >> if the q10, z10 don't come out well off the bat, there's going to be a lot of questions about the longevity of this company. >> reporter: the new blackberries hit the u.s. market in march. those new devices will cost around $150 if you sign up for a three year contract. we'll see what happens. up in eastern pennsylvania a high school has taken the toilet paper out of the boys' bathrooms. the principal at mahoney area heist he did it because students were intention -- high says he did it because students were intentionally clogging up the toilet. so now students have to go to the office to request toilet paper and sign it in and sign it out. >> i think it's stupe, but i guess you got to do -- stupid, but i guess you got to do what you got to do. >> i'm against people vandalizing the bathrooms, not against giving out toilet paper. >> i think it's a little ridiculous, but i guess that's
5:36 pm
how it is. >> they call it the walk of shame when you go to get toilet paper. >> some parents are complaining. one parent told a local newspaper some students are too embarrassed to go to the office to get toilet paper, so they go homesick instead. at some point the principal said he's considering putting the toilet paper back in the bathrooms, but i guess the young men have to shape up their behavior. coming up on wusa9 a new drug tested for children with autism looking for local families to participate in our health alert. >> i had the umbrella handy. i don't need it now in northwest, but we will later. look to the south and west, big thunderstorms going through roanoke headed up towards charlottesville. we'll talk about that, high winds and we're also tracking snow. >> up next a woman seeking a protective order is attacked in court by the very man she was seeking that order against. >> don't forget. we are always on at
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caught on camera this violent confrontation in a courtroom in akron, ohio. a woman attacked by her former
5:40 pm
boyfriend, the same guy she was there seeking a protection order against. this went down friday after the magistrate briefly stepped out of the room. security video showed the man pushed aside the woman's grand mom and punch her several times in the face. the deputy had to tase him and the woman had to be treated for head injuries and bruises, that former boyfriend now charged with domestic violence and contempt of court. court officials are reviewing security in light of this situation. police are trying to track down the thieves caught on camera stealing four exotic birds from a pet store featured on a reality tv show. acrylic tank manufacturing president wade king said burglars used a boulder to break into his store warehouse in las vegas, the same store where the reality show tank was filmed, but it was king's exotic birds he keeps to share with his customers that the thieves were after. king says the birds were his
5:41 pm
pets and they are worth thousands of dollars. the inventory mayor fulfilled the -- the denver mayor fulfilled the last part of his playoff bet. >> yesterday his office posted this video on youtube of mayor hancock performing ray lewis' signature pregame dance. ♪ so hot in here so hot in here ♪ ♪ [ music ] >> good luck, ray ray. >> okay. i don't know what ray ray will think of that. hancock said a pulled muscle is what prevented the mayor from doing the dance the week after the loss. the mayor hancock sent mayor rawlings blake a box of aged rib eye steaks which he probably likes better than the video i think. >> he didn't do a bad job with the dance. a new report separates fact
5:42 pm
from fiction when it comes to
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
topping our health alert, a study released less than an hour ago debunks several
5:45 pm
popular myths about dieting in the new england journal of medicine it. says false claims about dieting are causing roadblocks in finding real solutions to the weight problems we face as a nation. this report says some of the myths that are not true, snacking leads to weight gain. eating breakfast every day fights obesity and tiny changes in diet and exercise lead to long term weight loss. >> you're as advised not to lose a lot of weight too fast, that it's going to be bad for you. that doesn't appear to be true again from randomized controlled trials. it seems that the large weight loss at beginning is actually better. >> guess it's a jump start. the study points out what is proven to work including restricting calories to lose weight and a structured exercise program to keep it off. for more information check the health wage at do you have a child with autism? know somebody who does, a relative, neighbor or friend? doctors at children's national medical center are looking for families affected by autism in the testing of a novel drug
5:46 pm
that targets the symptoms at its core. >> as a mom with two special needs kids i am constantly looking for things that can improve their life. >> sarah mcgregor is a d.c. businesswoman and mom to two growing children with autism, the oldest now a teenager. for both caroline and barrett the social interaction most of us take for granted can cause a lot of stress. >> because you and can i go into a crowded grocery store or a movie and for them it's painful. >> reporter: sarah's son barrett is now enrolled in a major drug trial at children's national medical center called connect me. the research involves hundreds of autistic children across the nation. >> it's looking for the first time at the core symptoms of autism. that means the difficulty with social relatedness, how do you play with other kids, how do you communicate with other kids? >> reporter: psychologist
5:47 pm
adelaide robs says the medicine may boost language skills and cut down on repetitive behaviors and mannerisms that make it hard for autistic children to fit in. >> it's perfect for my son because he's not a big talker and if it can help barrett convey his feelings more easily to us, that's a benefit to him. >> the drug being studied is called mementine already on the market to boost cognitive function with people whether or not ha alzheimer's disease. the connect me trial is for -- people with alzheimer's disease. the connect me trial is for children ages 6 through 12. if you want to find out more, check out the health page of our website having your husband help around the house could have drawbacks at least in the bedroom. that is the finding of a new study from the university of washington. this thing finds husbands who do traditional female chores such as cooking and cleaning have less regular sex than others. men in marriages where the wife
5:48 pm
does all the traditionally female duties reports having sex about 1 1/2 more times more often per month than these other folks, but one of the authors warned husbands should not take the findings as an excuse for not helping out with the cooking and the cleaning. >> you hear that, topper? don't even try to get out that honey do list. >> we'll do without the other stuff. >> that's right. we are looking at some 20s now south of town. we have flash flood warnings in effect for rappahannock and orange the next three or four hours. here's our live look outside, michael and son weather cam, relatively quiet outside the beltway. a little cooler north of town, 50s laytonsville, rockville, bethesda upper 50s, 60s in fairfax, 67, still 70 at andrews. 72 today was a record high for dulles replacing the old record set in 2002. 20 mile-per-hour wind gusts in
5:49 pm
manassas, a 32 mile-per-hour wind gust in andrews getting stronger through the night and getting into the wee hours of the morning. bring in small chairs. turn the small tables upside down. stay away from windows, highest winds between about 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. with gusts over 50 miles per hour in the metro area and over 60 to the west of us. we do have a severe thunderstorm watch, doesn't quite get to charlottesville. there's a potential we could see a watch issued here south of town. big thunderstorms moving up the i-81 corridor that will produce heavy rains and strong winds and even if we don't see severe thunderstorms, we'll still see winds over 50 miles per hour. damaging winds are likely pretty much across the entire metro area. latest radar, heaviest rain back towards leesburg on the west side of 270 into montgomery county and up toward frederick. again see the yellows and oranges, that's about 3/4-inch per hour and that's not the heavy stuff yet. flash flood tonight, winds gusting over 50 miles per hour,
5:50 pm
critical times 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., windy and cold again thursday. we are indeed in the month of january and not april. we get into the morning hours thursday, skies returning clear with snow showers back in the mountains which actually is good news, oakland and down toward the canadian valley seeing snow showers after thunderstorms tonight. for us 40s tonight, windy, rain, thunderstorms heavy possibly, colder late, winds out of the west at 20 to 40 and gusty, so gusts over 50 miles per hour. next three days our 9 weather alerts are green. we'll watch friday carefully for morning light snow, only 33 and still cold saturday, groundhog day, maybe snow showers at night, not a big deal. next seven days, sunday we're seasonable, sunshine, back around 40, cold monday in the mid-30s and pretty nice. tuesday we're in the mid-40s and next wednesday sunshine with temperatures around 50. we'll be tracking this situation all night, again,
5:51 pm
winds over 50 and flash flooding possible. if you have young drivers, don't let them go out tonight. >> sounds like good advice. our kristen berset is down in new orleans. >> now here's kristen berset at the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> kristen, you've got our blitz and glitz. >> reporter: yeah, guys, we're live now in front of the superdome in new orleans. this is a family affair, of course, this super bowl, jim and john harbaugh facing off against each other on sunday in the big game, but probably some of the biggest stars from this week are their proud parents jack and jackie. we spoke with them today in what i'm liking to call the jack and jackie show. they entertained us for 45 minutes with stories and anecdotes of their young sons and families and pretty much why they're so proud.
5:52 pm
>> i guarantee the only real fights that i know, that i listened and followed that great coach doight perry was at marry wisely park. jackie harbaugh is the rock of our family. she took them in and out of school and went to school when things didn't go well. this is my hero right here, jackie harbaugh. [ applause ] >> reporter: it was a beautiful moment wednesday afternoon witnessed by the largest amount of media we've seen all week here in new orleans, a not to be missed interview with jack and jackie harbaugh, parents gleaming with pride that their two sons john and jim are facing off on football's largest stage. >> so thrilling to know that your children are two -- john and jim and then joni as a coach's wife have chosen to do what you have done for 43 years of your life.
5:53 pm
this experience is by far so great, big, big stage, but it's just another fantastic part of this great journey that jackie and i and our family have been on. >> reporter: when the harbaughs are cornered into choosing sides, who would they root for on sunday? they had this as their response. >> you're going to ask us how we feel on this historic event. jackie, who has it better than us? nobody! >> reporter: they have to be some of the most adorable people i've ever met. that was one of the most entertaining press conferences we've had. one thing jack and jackie said was they are just as proud of their sons as when they made the high school football team as they are now for coaching in the super bowl. it's going to be overall a great moment for the harbaugh family. that will do it for us right now from new orleans. i'm kristen berset, wusa9. >> plenty of enthusiasm to go around from dad. >> oh, man.
5:54 pm
>> be careful who you give the microphone to. a maryland delegate proposed a bill to repeal the ruling that targets pitbulls. >> the district ended 2012 with a $417 million surplus and mayor gray says the city plans to save even more money, but other d.c. officials think it could be used now in other places. >> up next team u.s. tries to bring home the gold in the world's biggest food
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
one downtown washington shelter today showed off a new look aimed at improving the residents' quality of life, the m street villages luther place shelter for women. the host of diy's kitchen crasher series joined forces with m street village to design the new kitchen. the goal is to provide nutritious meals and serve as year-round support for homeless women. some of america's top chef have taken their culinary skills to france competing for gold in one of the world's most prestigeous cooking contests and one of the chefs works at the greenbrier resort in west virginia. >> reporter: american food fans went wild in france. >> we're going to be no. 1! >> reporter: as chefs from all over the world battled for sumpremacy in the kitchen. >> as far as cooking
5:58 pm
competitions, it's almost like the super bowl for a chef. >> reporter: the culinary contest is held in the french city of leone every two years. pennsylvania native richard rosendale wants to lead team usa to victory. >> i only have one speed and it's full throttle. i get in there and it's a race to the finish line. >> reporter: when competition is this fierce, there is bound to be controversy. an american supplied pressure cooker caused a heated debate, but officials ruled they could use it. chefs from 24 countries are here in france hoping to take home the culinary crown. each team gets 5 1/2 grueling hours on stage to whip up a winning recipe. competitors create one meat dish and one fish dish. chef rosendale says he wants to impress judges with his slice of american cuisine. >> you do want to have the wow factor whenever they see the food, whenever they smell the food and whenever they taste
5:59 pm
the food. >> reporter: the u.s. has never won. sixth place is the best they've ever done. the youngest chef in the kitchen, 22-year-old cory seagal hopes this will be america's year. >> you're shooting for the gold medal. >> reporter: it's now up to a panel of the world's most renowned chefs to decide if team usa should savor its first victory. tina crouse, cbs news. >> the results are in now. team usa took seventh place. the american chefs will need to wait until 2015 to try to make it to the podium. france took the gold medal. well, if you're checking your wusa9 app, you already know from the radar storms are beginning to push into our area tonight and that's why we're starting with the weather center at the top of the hour. how hard are we going to get

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